Welcome to Kalpa Raksha Educational & Charitable Trust

KALPA RAKSHA EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST was formed in the year 2014 in order to realize the dreams of a small team of persons who visioned a better tomorrow for the poor down trodden street children facing abuses such as child labour and commercial sex trafficking. These persons believed that there is an abundance of potential in every child that should be trapped and canalized in the right direction, and strived towards arranging the resources required to fulfil their objectives.

Our Vision

To help the needy children and women to get their basic rights and help the children in educating them and making them sustainable to face this competitive world in a healthy way.

Our Mission

Enabling and encouraging the individual and collective potential around us to utilize the strength to help the needy. Through which the dream of a healthy society is fulfilled. We are continuously working towards creating the resources to reach our vision.

Our Values

There are many like you, who want to help but don’t know how or where to begin. Hear is your best opportunity to contribute towards enforcing the difference that you have always wanted. You too can be a part of KALPA RAKSHA EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST.

Our Activities

Care (Senior citizens)

Guide (Youth)

Support (Children)