KALPA RAKSHA EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST was formed in the year 2014 in order to realize the dreams of a small team of persons who visioned a better tomorrow for the poor down trodden street children facing abuses such as child labour and commercial sex trafficking. These persons believed that there is an abundance of potential in every child that should be trapped and canalized in the right direction, and strived towards arranging the resources required to fulfil their objectives.

        Our organization aims to promote and make education reachable to the poor students in the rural sectors and also concentrate on health, rural development activities and overall upliftment of the standerd of living in rural sector. Whereas in furtherance of its objectives the Trust aspire to set up the school, vocational training centres, hostels and higer education institution for the needy and deserving students. The Trust also accords importance to provide assistance and help to people affected by nature disasters and also provides facilities in rural hospital.

Be a Part of Our Organisation

There are many like you, who want to help but don’t know how or where to begin. Hear is your best opportunity to contribute towards enforcing the difference that you have always wanted. You too can be a part of KALPA RAKSHA EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST.
All you have to do is to choose the donation package on-line you would like to help and contribute and fill in all the fields and send the form through email to us.
You can also help by spreading the words to your friends, relatives and other organisations that want to help. At LIFE, all your contributions are considered valuable, no efforts is small or insignificant when it is towards such a noble cause. Contributions can be in any form – time, service or money. Every donation we receive is tax deductible.
For more information feel free to contact any of KALPA RAKSHA EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST’s members.

For a whole year the child is given healthy and nutritious snacks, and meals to keep him/her healthy. Vaccines are given to build immunity.

Moreover, a cereal porridge is made daily by the mothers, to ensure that the child has a power breakfast before going to school. This table gives you an idea of how Rs.25,000/- is distributed.

DescriptionAmount in Indian Rupee
Total 25,000
School Fees10000
White Shoes/Sandals300
Black Shoes350
Birthday Cake 360
Birthday Party600
Socks 65
Special Meals5564
Vaccines 600
Protien Mix2191