Objectives of the trust.

  1. To help needy orphanage or physically challenged childrens, irrespetive of caste , creed, sex, or religion, for thispurpose and or in pursuance there of to undertake, execute, support and assist any programme(S) or project(s0 with no profit motive designed, to provide
    • Food , shelter , clothing and other basic necessities for needy childern.
    • Medical care and other activities like Yoga and physical exercises to improve the health.
    • ¬†Support in building confidence in them and making them mentally strong to face the problem and succeed in life.
    • Educational & recreational facilities to orphanage children and provide facilities for them to lead a religious & meditative life.
  2. To promote National integration and Unity of the Country
  3. To promote self confidence and spirit of self reliance among beneficiary to enable them to acquire necessary skills and guide them to achieve excellence in their fields of activity.
  4. To publish books, newspaper, journals, brochure, pamphlets etc.., to achieve the objectives of trust.
  5. To promote education , health activities and rural development activities .
  6. To establish Nursery, Primary, High School. Higher Secondary School colleges and similar educational institutions like hotel Management and catering technology institutes, fashion Designing, food processing, polytechnics, engineering colleges, Teacher training institutes, nursery schools, medical colleges etc… And to maintain book banks, entrance examination coaching center, reference rooms, study classes, hotels and vocational Trainings for students.
  7. To give computer training, Tailoring, Mobilize savings, handicrafts training, industrial training, employment awareness,etc..,to support for ilive hood to needy childrens.
  8. To take-up Economic development programmes that will be sustainable for the unemployed youth.
  1. To undertaken Educational ,Legal, environmental, agricultural and family life awareness activities and to promote widow marriages and to strength human resources development
  2. To organize men & women to form self help groups and guide them to improve their standard of living both economically and socially.
  3. To work for the relief of those affected by fire, pestilence, flood. tsunami, earthquake or other acts of nature ,man made disasters and also educate tem to know the prevention activities.
  4. To provide educational helps to the poor childern/below poverty line community of the society.
  5. To undertake the propagation of literacy through adult & non -Formal education programmes and projects for the purposes of achieving 100% literacy.
  6. To work for the elimination of child labour and to provide education and life development to children.
  7. To minimize the migration from the grass roots villages areas and promote they economic sustainable development in these areas.
  8. To conduct medical camps in all respects with approval of the respective authorities and to provide medical help to be poor.
  9. To open de-addiction centers for the rehabilitation of alcohol and drugs addicts, rural health centers to relieve the addicts of their deadly habits and also organize de-addiction and rehabilitation camps.
  10. To take up environmental programmes for safeguard the irrespective of caste, religion, sex, colour,etc..
  11. To undertaken student health care programmes to avoid Raking,Eye deceases etc.
  12. To involve in alternative nature/ Eco-farming and which will lead to sustainable development,and to take tree plantation programmes.
  13. The gross root level innovations in the filed of agricultural and animal to initiate and encourage husbandary etc..,and to take up the peacocks Home.
  14. To gross root level innavations in the field of agriculture and animal to initiative and encourage husbandary etc.., and to take up the peacocks home.
  15. To establish, promote or assist in promoting or to establish, and to subscribe to or become members of any other society, to collaborate with other institutions, organisations, governments, foundations, boards, commisions and corporations constituted under them as well as organisations and bodies in Indian and abroad whose aims and objectives are similar to those of the trust.
  16. To exploit the various media of communication such as films, documents, slides, wall papers, posters, publications, the theatre, any other form of audio-visual communication, in order to educate the masses and the general populance of the country about the social, political and economic evils existing in the country, with a view to bringing into being a fair, just and healthy society.
  17. To retain and employ skilled, professional, technical advisor, consultants, and other staff and workers, in connection with the objectives of the trust, and to fulfill those very same objectives, to enter into agreement or contracts, and to pay in such connection such fees and remuneration as may be thought expedient.
  18. To apply to government, national, international and local bodies, and to urban, rural, municipal, district and to administrative public bodies, as well as to business corporations and companies, and to individuals, land, buildings, donations, gifts, subscriptions, and other assistance in India and abroad, and to receive the same, with such grants and other payments may be received.
    1. To initiate, develop, maintain, support and assist, among other things, the following activities, in respect of the objects mentioned in (a) above:
      • Developmental programmes including surveys,discovery,recognition and promotions of regional and individual resources and other projects.
      • Research, pure and applied, in both theory and practice.
      • The awarding of scholarships and other incentives to deserving candidates.
      • The awarding of titles and honours to eminent artists,critics and scholars.
      • The establishing and maintenance of schools for theatre and allied arts as mentioned in (a).
      • The establishing and maintenance of laboratories, studios, auditorium, galleries, libraries, as well as clinics for voice theraphy and body therapy for theses arts.
      • The developing and strengthening oral and textual traditions in these arts.
      • Promotion of the welfare of the practical exponents in these arts.
      • The providing of a forum for expressing, representing and conveying the views, aspirations, needs, problems, demands etc. Of the fraternity of the exponents of these arts to the appropriate bodies.
      • Engagement in any and every activity in consonance with the above aims and obectives in india and abroad.
      • To hold, acquire, sell, transfer, lease, mortgage, invest, exchange, donate, movable and immovable properties and assets, and to raise and recieve donatios, grants, subscriptions and funds as also to raise loans for the achievement of the above objectives and aims, and to run bank accounts for purposes specified therein.
      • To incur expenditure for carrying out these objectives.
      • And generally to do all that is necessary for achivement of the above as well as the programmes,activities and works that the trust specifies from time to time.
      • The trust shall be run as a non-profit making institution and shall not serve the personal financial interests of the trustees.
      • To promote old age homes.
    2. The funds of the trusts shall be invested in the modes specified under the provisions of section13[1][d]read with section11[5] of the income tax act and as amended feom time to time.
    3. The above object are independent of each other and the trustees may form time apply the funds of the trust in carrying out all or any one of the objects of the trust. Admission of Trustees,Members etc..,
      • The Board of Trustees in thier absolute discretion can decide to admit any person as Trustee.However, the maximum number of trustees cannot be increased beyond 9.
      • ¬†On any matter concerning the admission of Trustees , the Board of trustee ‘s decision will be considered as final and binding.